Coldwell Banker Legacy - Real Estate Deception

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 4:33pm CDT by 71737766

Product: Real Estate

Company: Coldwell Banker Legacy

Location: 10400 Academy Rd NE
Albuquerque, Ne, 87111, US


Category: Other

I'm not sure if I should say not to do business with Coldwell or the agent, Sandi Pressley. Sandi uses deception with intent to misrepresent a property. I guess if it gets the job done but her tactics are unethical. I have caught her on misrepresenting a listing. She corrected her "error" but the fact that she was caught before correction is sad in the real estate industry. She is a veteran and should know better. She's not a rookie to the game. She recently, without permission, used photos of my home from 2010, in a listing that I used to own that I was trying to sell. She was representing the new sellers (they only kept the house for a year before putting it on the market). This home sat in a condition for over 200 days with the photos and vebage that she had used and because it wasn't selling, she took my listing as seller a few years back, same wording, same photos and sold the home after she raised the price $99,000. Wow. Really Sandi? My agent at the time was Paako Ridge. They released photos to her. Did anyone think to call for my permission in order to do this? How unprofessional and uncreative to take something that worked, raise a listing price, misrepresent it for a sale and then sleep at night. This tells me that this woman is an untrustworthy, unethical business woman who will mislead an individual for her own gain. She has to be watched and babysat. I wouldn't trust this woman and I certainly wouldn't use her as an agent. To lie and deceive for a commission is the lowest that you can go. I plan to file a complaint with the Real Estate Commission for the State of New Mexico. Unbelievable.


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