RDA Projects

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 7:33am CDT by 109e1dc9

Company: RDA Projects

Location: GB

Category: Other

I called RDA Projects to enquire about a new, updated mezzanine floor level for my newly acquired property and wanted the best possible advice. Now as a business I generally try to work at director level as I feel that in this day and age it is easy for a company to deliver a product or service other than that promised and I have experienced that this way of dealing with companies has been much more fruitful than dealing with any old salesman who just wants his commission and will say whatever he has to. The 'boss', if you will, becomes much more accountable. Now upon answering the phone, the 'lady' (turned out to be the director), was incredibly shifty, and simply refused to help in any way. When I explained why I wanted to speak to somebody high in their company, she simply hung up the phone. Upon calling back, her colleague accused me of not being clear, and he too, hung up the phone. Quite clearly not a company which wants to be held accountable for either their service or their product. I went to www.trent-design.com/mezzaninefloors/index.asp after that. They were lovely and really gave me all the advice I needed to make my purchases, and I eagerly await their arrival.


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