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Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 1:24am CDT by Al D M.

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Majic Jack-off Internet

MajicJack is a joke! Oh yea, you can sometimes get clear service that does not abrutly cut off or is static free. But consistancy is a problem. Don't waste your money.

1. I tried to replace my land line with majic jack plus. In order to use the service I often had to try several times before I could get a clear connection.

2. It would "drop" my call everytime - sometimes after only one minute, sometimes after 5 minutes or 10 minutes. But eventually it does drop your call! Very very frustrating, especially after you have waded thru 5-10 menues in order to reach a human to help u with an issue - only to be cut off. No notice, no nothing.

3. The voice mail service is comprehensive, but unfortunately half the time there is so much static you can not understand the voice msg. So what good is it?

4. There is no tech support just customer service via an on-line agent only. No phone number or address for these people.

If you need a part-time or temp phone service to take on vacation or on a trip this device has some merit. But their sales pitch - "replace home phone or office phone" is just that - a sales pitch. Don't fall for it.


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