Fitzgeralds Auto Repair - Horrible service

Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 at 3:46pm CDT by d9e52c50

Company: Fitzgeralds Auto Repair

Location: Merchant St
Ambridge, PA, 15003, US

Category: Other

I took my vehicle to this shop to get new brakes. They informed me I needed rotors, and a new inspection blah blah, so I did what was needed for my car. A few days later there was a loud squealing sound and when I pulled over my brakes were smoking. I took my car back and they said I would have to leave my car over night because no one was available... I need my vehicle for work. I assumed it was because they were new brakes and just were breaking in because it only did that the one time. So now its 3 months later and my brakes are grinding.... I have had my car for 6 years now and never once did brakes only last 3 months with my braking. When I called they were completely unprofessional and rude. I understand it doesn't take much customer service skill to be a mechanic. I asked 1 question and he got very defensive edging me on to believe that I wasn't the only person who has challenged his companies credibility. I was told not to go this shop because they do EVERYTHING half a** so I guess in the end it is my fault for not listening to good advice. I hope in the end this advice will help someone and save them A LOT of money. Don't go to this shop( of course if your car wont pass inspection and you need a money hungry shop who will pass it anyways, which I know a few people that go there just for this reason). next time I will take advice and do more research with who I do my very expensive car repairs with.

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Robert Allyn L., 2012-05-03, 09:32AM CDT

So the brakes were smoking. A large sign of a hidden fault. (Sticking Caliper)

You didn't bother to take the car back for them to check.

3 months later you want to blame them for your neglegence.

I think I would be agressive and defensive when you called also.

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