Alex Souza Photography - Wedding Photography Nightmare

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 6:49am CDT by 14b75087

Product: Wedding Photographs

Company: Alex Souza Photography

Location: FORT MYERS, FL, 33144, US


Category: Wedding Services

We are a newlywed couple living in a state that is approximately 15 hours away from the previously located Fort Myers, Florida business "Alex Souza Photography." We contracted with "Alex Souza Photography" to take pictures and provide a number of image-based products for our wedding almost 2 years ago in Florida. To this date, "Alex Souza Photography" has only provided us with our thank you cards for the guests that attended our wedding. However, our full retainer of $700.00 and remaining balance of $1300.00 was paid and cashed a week prior to the wedding day. Over the past year, the owner of this company, Alex Souza, has given us several deadlines for when we will be receiving the remaining items in our contract, but he has not delivered on any of these promises. In February of 2012, Alex Souza told us he was closing his photography business to concentrate on his realtor business, and he has since moved to Miami, Florida and recently took down his photography website as well. As of March 2012, Alex Souza has not responded to any of our emails or phone calls. We have retained detailed documentation of all signed contracts, proof of payment, and all written correspondences, including all emails.

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e3925722, 2012-05-18, 08:03AM CDT

Fortunately there are two sides to every story and this one is no different. This is a first for me, after being a photographer for over twenty years and 100's of clients, I challenge this party to find another complaint against me or my company, online or anywhere else. Unfortunately the party filing this complaint has requested a resolution to this matter that is punitive beyond recompence not taking into effect all the work that has been already completed and some of which has already been delivered. But unlike the complainants, I do not wish nor have any desire to remedy this matter over the internet. Good Day.

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