Integrity Property Management - Very unprofessional!!!!

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 5:51pm CDT by 1f8b9523

Company: Integrity Property Management

Location: 5665 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs, FL, 33076, US

Category: Other

When I emailed them the day that I want to visit to look at my condo's records, they did not reply until I wrote to them a week later cc'ng the rest of the condo board and owners. Mike answered saying that they already said that any time is OK. First, they did not say that in my email chain and even if they did, when a customer and a board member asked for confirmation of the date and time and whether all the requested records will be available at that time, a reply should be sent in a timely manner. So I emailed them again specifically saying as a customer, a prompt reply is appreciated and I am taking time off from work and want to make sure all the records will be available to me. I was still ignored... twice. Not only am I taking time off from work, I will be driving 20 miles one way to see the records so I want to be doubly sure that everything is available. I called the Integrity to file a complaint only to find out that his mother is the owner of the company. Also every time you want to talk to someone there, she or he is not available or out of the office. Even the owner was not there when I called and since the owner is the mother, I did not bother leaving a message. DO NOT USE THEM. THERE ARE MANY BETTER ONES OUT THERE. If I have my way and I will definitely work on it, they will be not be working for us, but the condo prez unfort seems to be quite close with them and maybe that's the reason why he's acting very rudely.


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