Trutech - Trutech is a Ripoff!

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 10:53am CDT by b4378320

Product: Pest Control

Company: Trutech

Location: 155 Woolco Drive
Marietta, GA, 30062, US


Category: Other

Company that now has an "F" Better Business Bureau rating (unbeknownst to us) charged us $589 to catch one mouse, which we disposed of ourselves! They did not fulfill their original agreement at all. Then they locked us into a monthly service agreement ($60/month) which they told us we could get out of with written notice. Now they are not honoring that. We have sent certified letter and called their offices numerous times (different levels, all the way up the chain) and no response. They have not been to our home since January 2012, now it is almost June, yet they continue to charge us and have now sent us to Collections.

A major sham...BEWARE!


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