Target - Target Bicycle - TERRIBLE

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 4:13pm CDT by a75a8bf4

Product: Greenstein Stuart

Company: Target

Location: Tempe, AZ, 85282-3524, US

Category: Other

I purchased a bicycle from Target for my son for Christmas 2011. Based on our experience I highly recommend you either dramatically improve the quality of the bicycles you sell, or just stop selling bicycles.

The bicycle is a Mens Triax PK-7 (08-209-0016) After riding it one day a tire went flat. I returned it to Target for repair. Within 1 week the same tire went flat again. I returned it to Target and they again repaired it (it took 2 weeks). It went flat again and the I convinced the store manager to give me a replacement bicycle. The tires went flat on the second bicycle multiple times. I gave up on Target and purchased new tubes and wheel liners from REI. The tires continued to go flat. ( FYI: my son is under 150 pounds and he rides only on paved roads to school) The Shimano brakes and gears need constant readjustment. The next step would be to replace both wheel on the bicycle but a bicycle repair shop (Tempe Bicycle) advised me Id be better off buying a used quality bicycle on Craigslist they are better than a new Target bicycle!

I had previously thought Target was a step above Kmart or Walmart. Im disappointed that appears not to be the case.


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