Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card

Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 5:53am CDT by 158ae293

Product: Credit Card

Company: Not Available

Location: PH

Category: Other

I am a standard Chartered Bank gold credit card holder since 2004 and as far as I know i had no record of delayed or late payments up to March of this year.

Last March 8, 2012, I called the Bank's customer service to request for a waiver of my card's annual fee amounting to P2,500.00. The customer service specialist, a certain Issa, denied my request and told me that she can apply against my annual fee my accumulated points which was good only for P1,000.00 but I had to pay the P1,500.00. I requested her to allow me to talk to her supervisor, but after making me wait for several minutes, she said, that my request was denied and she had authority to decide on that matter.

In the past, when my card balance was relatively low, the Bank have been allowing the waiver of my annual fee, it turn out the bank's policy is not to allow waiver if your card balance is high and they know that you will not be able to pay it immediately.So I told this arrogant woman that i will only pay my bill if the bank will waive the annual fee - or the P1,500, net of the amount they can apply against my points & that i would destroy the card, which i did already, and wont be using it anymore. Immediately after, this card co. endorsed me against their collection agency...who are nothing but collectors who dont even know how to talk & negotiate...the only collection strategy they know is to try to harass you by calling your office and your cell phone --my God..I've been telling those morons that my accumulated late payment due were already more than the annual fee and I'm willing to pay it and the amount due...only if the annual fee is waived...but this lousy company probably only hired collectors who must all be morons with no authority to negotiate...Every month before my due date, I make it a point to call the bank's customer service to talk to them but my calls automatically go direct to this collection agency. Every month I have been setting aside payments to this card deposited to my savings account. I guess i better withdraw it now, anyway, my family and I are due for migration to Canada. It really pains me that I will be leaving an unpaid loan.



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