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Posted on Friday, May 18th, 2012 at 10:47am CDT by c79c5b56

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Do not, I repeat do not fall into the same trap I did. The people who run the school do a lot of talking about how the school prepares you for the real world but my time at Sanford Brown was just an extension of High School. There were cliques of students who the facility were afraid of but instead of kicking the students out, they ran the place.

The Dean of the schooll had implemented a white only dress code policy, the problem is the facilty turn their backs on violence in the school and I could easily see someone bringing a gun or weapon onto the property.

The cirriculum is driven towards practices where the money is. In other words I was in the Medical Billing and Coding program and the coding aspect was fine but we had to take a majority of classes with students who were in the Medical Assistance program and the class size would often exceed 40+ students. The if you did not understand the facility did not seem to care about you because you were a Medical Biller.

As you approach finishing the program you are suppossed to be helped by a career servies representative, this is a joke. You end spending less than two days with a counselor who tells you that you need to structure your resume with the name of the school as the biggest asset. After that you are sent out on a externship site, which 9 out of 10 students have to find their own site. On the externship site you are told by the school you are to do no more than 2 weeks of filing but do not bother complaining because they will not stick up for you and you are basically on your own.

So now you are done with your internship and ready to start a job.Remember they said they will help you find a job as it turns out they know how to use the computer also as the career counselor directs students to use monster, careerbuilder and indeed; there is no inside track, no close ties to places for jobs as previously advertised. The BEST part is 6 months or so after you finish you get the notice from Uncle Sam telling you that you have to start paying back the money you borrowed, this is a private institution a bill for about $15K.

DO not fall into the trap this school is a complete waste of time and money.You can learn this stuff at a regular state community college for a lot less money and less hassle.


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