TIME WARNER CABLE - TIME WARNER Shady billing practices

Posted on Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 9:21pm CDT by e293d784


Location: COLUMBUS, OH, US

URL: http://www.timewarnercable.com/

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My contract expired 2/2012. I called this week to upgrade my internet service and downgrade my television services. I was informed by their customer service representative that my contract had AUTOMATICALLY been renewed for 5 years and I was locked in to my current plan for $214 a month. I never authorized an automatic renewal. I was also informed to upgrade my service would increase the monthly bill to $248. I was told to just keep the services I have now, which is slow internet, too many premium channels and no DVR. A new customer can get these services with faster internet for a little over $100. I spoke to four customer service reps, was put on hold 7 times and hung up on three times. My manners are impeccable and they were hanging up on me because they knew they could not rationally answer my questions. Needless to say I cancelled my service. I have been assured I will not be charged a cancellation fee. We shall see. If I do receive a fee, to the Attorney General of the State of Ohio I will go.


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8451407b, 2012-09-11, 08:30AM CDT

Time Warner Cable is the most incompetent company on the face of the planet. How in the hell do they even continue to exist? They wouldn't without a quasi-monopoly. I can't even begin to describe the billing BS I have been through this year. I dropped them like a bad habit for my TV and will immediately do so for internet and phone after the continued stupidity. DO NOT BECOME A CUSTOMER IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE! You will regret it.

9d6de948, 2012-09-18, 03:24PM CDT

They just got me with their shady billing, I signed up for a package thats supposed to be 79.99. So the bill shows 109.99 for the Double Pack select, includes Digital cable, Variety channels, HD Receiver, and Internet. There is a 20.00 credit for this package shown on the bill, now im no mathematician but 109.99-20= 89.99 and not 79.99 so what is their excuse for this? Oh its actually 89.99 we are charging 10 for the box, i said how can you charge for the box when it says it comes with the package, plus nowhere on the bill does it say i am being charged $10 for the box, this was done on 2 bills and they will not credit me. My apartment building is brand new and TW is the only company in the area besides satellite which we cannot put dishes on the building. They keep saying they are working on a satellite contract but 3 months in and still nothing.

Bryan B., 2014-09-16, 07:20PM CDT

If you are looking for business phone and internet my opinion , look elsewhere . They send over a contract looks good if I don't like the service I can cancel for 175 bucks, asked them to take off the movie channels for the business cable great, but they changed the fine print on the contract to try and keep me obligated for 36 months and now tell me the phone they quoted for 29 per line is now 59 per line and if I wanna cancel it will be 17500 dollars, I have both what they sent and how they changed it, I think it's deceptive, it is what it is , I'm either on the hook for 3 years or they let me out, that will be for a judge to decide.

Best part sales rep won't call me back, and nobody will talk to me I get the run around.

Att is half the cost btw if your shopping. Been with time warner 15 years at my home and pay 300+ a month for that, guess it's time for change.

I would have liked to stay with time warner but the trickery contracts it's just shady to me. Maybe after this review TWC will call me back and let me talk to who I need to

Eva P., 2015-09-22, 09:21PM CDT

You should see my bedroom - where the incompetent installer put the cable around the top of the ceiling with over 15 screws. I cancelled immediately - and they told me there was a 30 day guarantee and I would get back the $112.00 they charged me before they started the job. I finally (after numerous phone calls - had Visa remove the $112.00 and now I am getting billed. The cable is still there and everyone who was SUPPOSED to come and fix it or call me back HAS NOT. each time I call, I get promises, promises but no return call.

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