Justin Hutson/Ruth Patterson Terrible Landlords

Posted on Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 5:15pm CDT by 1e6c85bd

Product: Landlord

Company: Not Available

Location: San Diego, CA, 92119, US

Category: Other

By far the worst landlords that I have ever dealt with. When you see "Justin Hutson" and "Ruth E. Patterson" run the other direction. Please be warned... these are bad people. They are money hungry professionals that are waiting for their next tenants. Justin is an assistant coach to UNLV, and his wife Ruth is an unemployed. She likes to make it sound like she works, but she is a predatory shark seeking new tenants as her prey. I'm still getting bullying phone calls, emails, and text messages 3 months after leaving the property, and 3 months after leaving San Diego. "Ruth Patterson" as she likes to refer to herself has taken my full $1950 deposit, and threatens to sue me for more money. She has kept my entire deposit to renovate her entire condo. She claims that I had damages that exceeded $2000. She put together a bogus email charging me for things like $250 cleaning fee, and a new microwave, a new sink. I have receipts of cleaning expenses from when I moved out. I couldn't finalize a walk through when I left the premise because her schedule wouldn't allow it, and I needed to report to work in Seattle. I am a young professional that was working the entire time that I lived there. I was not throwing parties, I was studying to complete my MBA. If I had to guess a scenario, I would guess that the HOA told Ruth and Justin that they needed to fix the cracked foundation on their property. Justin and Ruth paid for this expense out of my pocket. I have never been so bullied in my life. Every day I get a text message or email stating that they are going to serve me with papers, because they need more money out of me. PLEASE BE WARNED! "JUSTIN AND RUTH HUTSON are NOT good people." Never rent from them. No one should ever go through what I have personally experienced. At this point, it's become harassment.


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