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Posted on Thursday, May 17th, 2012 at 8:42am CDT by 000a00d7

Company: Brown Mackie

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To Whom it may concern:

Im a student at Brown Mackie located in Cincinnati Ohio at the Glendale campus.Im in the Practical Nursing program and writing you on behalf of how the program is being ran. I ask that you investigate this program for certain reasons. I have many reasons to believe that the program is being ran incorrectly.

As a student I feel Im looked at as money instead of a student. The success rate is low. This school has classes in the nursing program that have a 50/50 pass fail rate. To me it would be more logically to examine to class/teacher when students repeatedly fail certain classes. Skills ll(pn1130) has been successful. Since Oct-Feb this class has had three different teachers and as result was problems and unsuccessful attempts by the students.

In some classes students who fail receive points to pass. Its like the program has pushed students along throughout January 2011 into 2012 present. I feel like if you push "some" students along then push "all" students along. If some students receive points all students should receive points when needed. Check the records. This school teaches the students nurses should be honest. I feel that they need to lead by example and hire honest teachers. This to me shows favoritism and doesn't display characteristics they tell us to maintain.

I have two children. I have invested too much money, energy and time to be treated like I have been. Every month there is new rules and teachers no stability. The students should be accommodated better than what they are. I feel that if the students had the same teachers the student will feel more comfortable and ultimately succeed. I also dont like the fact the teachers behave in a child like manner and discuss inappropriate subjects like other students or teachers in front of the students. Students should be able to confide in their teachers not feel threatened or have to worry about hippa violations or personal information leaked.

I feel like Im being robbed of my money. I feel brown Mackie doesnt care about the students nor the success of the students. If brown Mackie really cared about the students success the programs success rates would show otherwise. I feel that the medical assistant program should have to maintain a 80 percent overall GPA, instead they have to maintain a 70. When I first started the program I signed a contract with tuition being a set amount as well as the times allowed to fail a class being six. Months into the program students were notified tuition increased and that failure rate decreased. To me that was a way of making money. I felt stuck midway threw the program.

The last straw was when my daughter was sick and admitted to the hospital on the week of 4/22/2012.I presented documentation from the hospital showing my daughter was admitted. I was told by several different teachers/faculty members that I would be able to retake the exam because of my daughter being sick. On 2/25/2012 I was discharged from the nursing program because the exam I failed the week of my daughters illness. The school showed no compassion to my situation nor truth when I tried to retake the test. My credits wont transfer and I cant get my money back. I was due to graduate in November. I put so much time money and energy into this school to be treated as such.

I am as well as other class mates are unhappy student. I feel robbed of my money and belittled like Im just a pawn to make money. I dont think the tution,points given out, the instructors, certain classes being pushed along is fair to me. I have never received points nor been pushed along in this program. I asked the records and teachers get reviewed from Jan 2011 to Feb. 2012 present. I feel like Im trapped and not in a professional setting. This is beyond ridiculous .I feel they need to set a entrance test for nursing students. Why are the students failing midway and towards the end of the programs instead of the beginning? In most schools student drop off that werent serious at the start of the program. My dream is to ultimately become a nurse. Please help me do so. This program needs to be looked into.



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