SONY Camera repair center - SONY Cybershot Repair Center

Posted on Wednesday, May 16th, 2012 at 12:15pm CDT by bd92e7a6

Product: Sony Cybershot DSC-WX10

Company: SONY Camera repair center

Location: 10227 Crossroads Loop, Suite C
LAREDO, TX, 78045, US


Category: Other

UNREASONABLE determination of damages to 2 cameras sent in that worked sporatically. A determination from THEIR end only by a repair technician that they will not repair the camera under warranty + charge more than the value of the cameras to repair. A call to both Sony and the Repair center was a waste of time. Their determination is done by a technician only. No real parameters are set. Still in warranty for 5 months. All you get are "I'm sorry BUT's" from them. I have been a business that has used Sony cameras in our business for YEARS. This was our 1st encounter with their repair center. A HORRIBLE experience. Doesn't matter that I have been a LOYAL business customer using SONY products since 1996. Their determination does not take into consideration anything but the technician findings... So a bad day for them means you will not get any consideration. A technician from a repair center gets to make decisions that effect SONY's customer service record. Not a good move. BE forwarned that the 1 year warranty included on your camera may NOT be honored depending on a decision by an hourly wage employee. If SONY corporate reads this, I hope they will consider the fact that they are losing a valued customer over something as small as a rejected camera repair. Not a very good business move.


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