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Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 10:22am CDT by 70bee378

Product: 2005 Chevy Cobalt

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Location: US

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On January 10th, 2010 our Daughter Kelly Erin Ruddy 21 yrs. old was killed in a car accident. We received a Recall Notice from GM in April 2010 on the car a 2005 Chevy Cobalt for Power steering failure. The Recall involves removing entire power steering mechanism built by a partially owned Toyota factory. I knew the minute I got the news that my daughter was killed so violently and that it did not involve another car that it had to be mechanical failure.

It was too late to save our Daughter Kelly but not too late to save others, I contacted GM who sent three representatives to the Coparts Scrap Yard in Duryea where the Cobalt was stored in July to investigate the car accident. A photographer, an accident Reconstructionist and a mechanical engineer that flew in from Detroit, the objective was to remove the black box, computer from the car and analyze the data. We went to the scrap yard and for the first time saw the wreckage that was once a beautiful red sports car. All the windows including the sun roof were blown out, the Cobalt had flipped, rolled, ejecting Kelly on to the highway where she was run over. We are not sure if Kelly was killed on impact. The Cobalt burst into flames melting the instrument panel, shift, upholstery.

At the Coparts Scrap Yard in Duryea, myself and my husband Kellys father saw the car for the first time the Cobalt told the story of an extremely violent wreck. I was told by Mr. Patrick Burley that I would know the results from the Black Box Data the next day. When I tried to contact GM through Mr. Burley, Miss Blank that they would not communicate with our family. GM has my property and they will not release the data without us providing proof that the car was defective. This is not possible since they took the most valuable piece of information from the car.

I am writing you because I want the world to know what GM has done to my family. We trusted them and we were lied to. GM is a multimillion dollar car company and this is how they handle a recall.

Thank you,

Mary Theresa OMalley Ruddy Parent of Kelly Erin Ruddy


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