SAMSUNG - Brand new SAMSUNG refrigerator doesn't cool

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 11:34am CDT by 9d276b41


Company: SAMSUNG

Location: US


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I bought this fridge (SAMSUNG RF267AEPN) one month ago and the temperature stays in 53-55; called customer service and they were supposed to send a tech on Thu (5/10) or Fri, today is Monday and still no one has showed up.

Already tried every single suggestion in the troubleshooting tips and none worked out.

I had to contact the local service directly because at the 800 number they told me the same history : we will send a tech within 24-48hrs.

How come a brand new refrigerator is not cooling?

How come customer service don't pay attention to us, the clients?

We have had to throw away milk, deli, fruits and vegetables because this appliance just DOESN'T cool!

How long do I still have to wait for a tech to fix my refrigerator?



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