B2B Marketing LLC - B2B Lead generation business Fraud / Scam

Posted on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012 at 4:55pm CDT by ed3762ae

Product: Business lead generation services

Company: B2B Marketing LLC

Location: 2100 West Loop South Suite 800 Houston, TX 77027 120 South Alexander Drive Suite 125 Baytown, TX 77520 10777 Westheimer Suite 1100 Houston, TX 77042
Houston, TX, 77042, US

URL: http://www.businesstobusinessmarketing.co/

Category: Other

John Stroud from B2B contacted me in Jan / Feb regarding generating leads for our software business. The website initially looked legitimate with pictures and addresses. Two other people came in to the picture Karen and Paige and I am pretty sure these are fictitious names. The invoice had a home address to pay with Fedx number. The address is 751 San Jacinto Circle, Baytown, TX 77521. The web site has other business addresses and they are fictitious. This appears to be a scam operated from home at the Baytown address. After making the payment of $1050 there was a conference call promising me that they are going to start the sales plan and the call database. After that it was difficult to reach them and there are sporadic emails with cryptic messages -- for example "Will have to schedule weekly calls", " Will be getting the leads soon" etc.. Soon communication completely stopped. I threatened to report them to the attorney generals office and John replied to email. No news from Paige presumably the person who calls the prospects. I asked him to terminate the contract and return the money. John replied he cant return the money. Now their main number doesnt work anymore. I googled their addresses and either no building is in that location or it is some office complex building.



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