Hawaiian Telcom - Hawaiian Telcom Internet Upgrade

Posted on Monday, May 14th, 2012 at 2:02pm CDT by 8cced494

Product: Home Phone and Internet Service

Company: Hawaiian Telcom

Location: PO Box 2200, Honolulu

Category: Other

Signed up for Internet DSL speed upgrade to ADVANTAGE SPEED (7-11 MB/sec).

Cost "for life" was supposed to be $4.00 per month extra. Instead, I received a bill for $15.64 higher than my usual rate. It surprised me that the amount billed also had a $10.41 credit applied to it! So why was the initial bill so high? After a lengthy conversation about pro-rated charges etc, I was told that the following month would show my $4 extra charge that I expected to see on the first bill. No matter how the rep explained it, I could not understand the reason for charging me almost 4 times the rate promised. I was told there would be other "peculiar charges" on my next bill if I cancelled the service.


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