High Security - locksmith rip off artist 917-423-3871

Posted on Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at 10:02am CDT by fd0f569b

Product: locksmith

Company: High Security

Location: 204 Brownstone Way
Englewood,, NJ, 07631, US

Category: Other

I can confirm overcharging by this service happened to me yesterday.

My 3-year-old and I were locked out of our apartment on a Friday when I called a locksmith outsourcing service at 917-423-3871. The rep said the charge was $25 plus the charge for opening. here is the scam for overcharging:

a young guy shows up who tells you the quoted charge is only if he can slip a wedge between the door and the frame. if he cannot then he has to drill the cylinder. of course, it turns out the space is "too tight." so, now it's 180 dollars to drill and remove the cylinder. of course, now he's removed the cyclinder it's another 180 to put a new cyclinder in. that's a total of 426 dollars. of course, i was desperate and paid, so I'm out 426 bucks, which they ask for in cash. To add insult to injury, the locksmith guy (named Daniel calling from 718-362-0300) has the audacity to give me his card for the future and insist that he is worth it.

When i called the owner back the next day (number on the receipt 718-924-7263) pretending that i was a new customer who needed a quote for the exact service i already got, he quoted me: "not more than $200 for the heavy duty lock you got." When i confronted him with the overcharging, he said: "it's more at night." I said: "at 7pm?" he just said: "uh, okay."

Bottomline: do not use these guys. they are crooks and know it.

PS. I may be at risk for writing this complaint, since they know my address, but I would call the police immediately if they try to take retribution.


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