All Pro Moving - All Pro Moving -- owner harasses through voice mail!!!!

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012 at 8:55am CDT by b62f56fe

Product: moving

Company: All Pro Moving

Location: 800 Pear St
Fort Collins, CO, 80521, US

Category: Other

Dissatisfied with the moving service (guys were late, no phone call, one quit after 30 minutes, ruined couch due to stupidity--putting an upturned undrained lawnmower next to it), I left a review online and called the owner. He was already pissed about my review and proceeded to call me a liar. His movers said they didn't ruin the couch--well, of course not! Why would they lie to their abusive boss? Anyway, I ended the phone conversation and he called me right back. I let it go to voice mail. First few seconds of the 2-minute rambling message he left me: "Hey, listen here you fu*king c*nt, don't you go calling me just to fu*king irritate me..." Actually, my only phone call to him was to make him aware of his movers' mistake in hopes that he might refund PART of the $170 fee. I would've been satisfied with $30 or so (20% discount), but now I'm just pissed and am letting everybody know what poor business practices he has. Did I mention he was arrested in Dec 2011 on felony drug charges? There are WAY better movers out there for the same price or a little bit more. Don't waste your money on this one.


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