Emergency Essentials/BePrepared.com - Bad quality product

Posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012 at 9:14am CDT by 072b1401

Product: Spelt

Company: Emergency Essentials/BePrepared.com

Location: 653 North 1500 West
Orem, Ut, 84057, US


Category: Other

Poor customer service. I originally contacted them and asked for the source of their grain. They refused to give it to me. Eventually I ordered some and it was of such poor quality it had a very low sprout rate. That means the grain was of such poor quality, nutritionally insufficient to produce a sprout. When asked for a refund, I was told to ship it back at my own expense. The cost of the shipping paid, plus the shipping to return would have equaled more than half of the cost of the 3 cans of grain. Their response was they hadn't had any complaints and they use it all the time and it's delicious. Poor customer service. I used Honeyville Grain and last year when 1 of the 3 grains I purchased had the same problem, they immediately shipped out a replacement bag. I use them exclusively now. Their shipping is cheaper too.

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2d7c064a, 2013-09-11, 05:31PM CDT

This company has really gone down hill. My family started using their products about 3 yrs ago and they were great back then. I order a food order over the holiday (Nov/Dec 2012) and requested a price match for a price they just had on special and the service manager begrudging did it. I chalked it up to that they were too busy during the holiday season and the reason for the sour moods.

Fast forward to Sept of 2013 and I emailed them about a couple of camping items (needed specifics - like what metal the item was made out of), the first response answered one question and totally ignored the other. I replied to ask again, and the second response I received was that I need to CALL in since they are so busy! LOL! Seriously?! If you are too busy to answer one question on email I really doubt you have the time to do it on the phone.

They need to hire more/better personnel. That is no way to run an online side of a business.

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