Grand weeks VIP - Grand weeks VIP - CAUTION - AVOID THE HEADACHES

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 at 10:10pm CDT by 6ea50291

Product: Vacation plan

Company: Grand weeks VIP



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This company took our money and now we can not get ant response. We got directed to them from Walmart in Cabo. The presentation was at Cabo Viejo. After they tricked us into buying, we sent multiple emails requesting more information and never could get a single response. All of their business cards had whiteout on them. Two of them only had first names. I recommend you avoid Grand Weeks VIP at all costs.


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5e1eaa80, 2012-05-20, 10:39PM CDT

We did the same deal. Went to Cabo Viejo and bought a grand weeks vip vacation package. We paid several thousand dollars and never heard another word from them. They said we would get login info in 2 weeks. Many weeks after the deadline we heard nothing. We started calling and emailing Grand Weeks VIP. We could not get anyone to answer, call back or email back. Many emails bounced and one of the site has been taken down.

Upon returning home we too did a lot of research and came across many articles from others who feel they were scammed and ripped off. Here is a link to one of the articles.

The Escrow company they wanted us to use for our timeshare has MANY complaints. They are called "Essential Resorts LTD"

They are supposed to be based in Florida but ask you to send money to a PO box in Texas.

If this happens to you, report them to the attorney general in Texas and Florida.

A couple weeks after we got home, the credit card we used to purchase Grand Weeks VIP was being used in Cabo Fraudulently.

Please report this to your attorney general.

32d224f6, 2012-05-23, 02:09PM CDT

Check out this website, a few of us have posted all we know about this scam.

Good Luck, I too am a victim.


6656f55f, 2012-05-30, 01:40AM CDT

Several of us have been able to get credit card charges reversed. The bad news is that any cash payments are gone for good.

I have posted a list of places where you should send complaints. You'll find it here:

6656f55f, 2012-05-30, 11:09PM CDT

Any victims of these criminals who lives in San Diego? I've been in touch with a consumer reporter who wants to interview you.

Let me know. Thanks.

a7582712, 2012-06-16, 07:11AM CDT

I was unable to get a credit card refund, how did you do it?

Eva C., 2013-01-19, 12:59PM CST

This is a very sophisticated and well planned scam. Costumers should be cautions and know all the details about this fraud:

- Companies involved:

Essential Resorts LTD: Essential Resorts is the Travel Club which will supposedly buy your timeshare. This Company had an F rating on the BBB, but is no longer accredited.

Contact names: Julian Rosenthal, Cindy Watts, Ra?l Mendez

Phone: 786-347-6485 (Disconnected)

Financial Services International: With an F rating on the BBB, Financial Services International is the Escrow Company that takes part of this scam.

Contact names: James Hoffman, Tony Rogers, Frank Rivers

Phone: 210-401-8702 (Disconnected)

Email: [email protected]

I found this information on this website:

There you will also find more information about other common timeshare scams. We all should be cautions about that.

Brittany Lane, 2014-12-02, 04:23PM CST

These are some of the most common complaints about Grand Weeks VIP:

-Deceitful sales practices

-Companies asked owners for large amounts to sell their timeshares

-Victims have lost from $3000 to $8000 USD

-Owners never heard again from the developers

-Companies are not legitimate

-People never received any of the promised materials

-Websites and emails no longer exist

-The physical addresses are not real

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