Carolina Veterinary Specialist - Fleeced

Posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012 at 2:48pm CDT by 60bd6088

Product: Veterinary services

Company: Carolina Veterinary Specialist

Location: 1600 Hanes Mall Blvd
Winston Salem, NC, 27103, US


Category: Other

I took my gravely ill dog here for treatment to which she was misdiagnosed with what was termed a diabetic crisis and for 9 hours I never heard anything back from the Doctor and when she did call me she advised that my dogs condition had been up & down all day and that at that time she thought now that my dog had actually siffered pancreatits. The fact is that if my dog's condition had been up & down all day why was I not called earlier? And wwhy was I told that after have done blood work that it was a diabetic crisis when in fact it wasn't that at all. In the end I was handed a $1,300.00 bill and no compassion from the director Dr. Todd Skeen as a matter of fact these people as my dog lay and was dying before myself, and my wife only cared about how I was going to pay my bill and even though they misdiagnosed my dog they refused to budge on adjusting my bill to which makes me feel as if they not only took advantage of me; but as well fleeced me and for that I would not recommend anyone to do business with these people.


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