English Cream Golden Retrievers for sale - For Sure Puppy Mill...so sad

Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2012 at 6:12pm CST by 871bae03

Product: Dean Anne Brubaker

Company: English Cream Golden Retrievers for sale

Location: 50 Camp Strauss Rd
Bethel, PA, 19507, US

Category: Other

This breeder Dean and his wife Anne are breeding 9 mos old puppies with having fair prelims w/bad genetics only for money passing bad genetics to others and claiming that they are full English Cream puppies when in fact they are not. They are nothing but a scam. They are some different in beliefs as with the same beliefs as the Amish as in puppy mills only for $$$ and not the welfare of the breed. They are making the English Cream Golden Retriever breed as in BAD same as the American lines with all the bad genetics and defects, time will tell when the USA is full of the English Cream lines in them that are ruined from people like this. I would NOT buy from them even if the dog was $1.00 with full AKC, WATCH OUT for these people and their awful ethics of breeding puppies that are kenneled with no socialization at all. Please call AKC, OFA, and GRCA and please do your homework real well before you purchase from them or you will end up in thousands of $$$$'s in Vet bills in the future. They are passing heart problems selling them with full registration AKC passing that genetic to other people.


3df05f0a, 2012-06-04, 09:52PM CDT

There are many people as breeders that have bought his dogs with full AKC in order to get a deal without having OFA passing clearances as in Finals at age 2. Yes what is written above is very TRUE. How much more clear would you like this to be explained on this terrible breeder that breeds 9 mos old puppies? Please contact AKC, GRCA, and OFA on this breeder, ask them questions especially AKC of this breeder breeding puppies and they will tell you. Ask Dean and his wife for OFA Final Clearances Certifications on Hips, Elbows, and Hearts on both parents that you can see yourself that have colored back grounds as what you get from OFA when Finals are done. Make sure you ask for CERF clearances from both parents too that are dated within the last 12 mos being they have to be accurate and tested every 12 months now. Buying a puppy from a mother under 2 year sold is still a puppy herself and with not having final clearances for they cant get them from OFA under 2 years old. Dont buy a puppy from any parents that has Fair hips with having that chance of HD in your puppy costing you thousands of $$$$$"s in the future in Vet bills.

Mark S., 2015-01-27, 06:28PM CST

I too have posted a complaint about Mr. Brubaker and his less than ethical breeding practices. My wife had purchased an English Cream Golden Retriever from Mr. Brubaker. Our dog was diagnosed at one year with severe bilateral elbow dysplasia and has undergone bilateral elbow arthroscopies and two stem cell transplants. Mr. Brubaker never responded to my complaint and while he did respond to another complaint, he did not address their complaint but rather merely reiterated his comments about his beautiful house; as I mentioned in my complaint, my wife was brought to a fenced in area, outside the house, where my dog's mother was kept. I think it is highly unlikely that the dogs or the puppies ever saw the inside of the house for any period of time.

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