DirecTV - DirecTV Rate Increase

Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 12:46pm CST by 03057625

Company: DirecTV

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Greenwood, Co, US


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Having been a loyal customer of DTV since 2005, I was surprised when they tried to sneak in another rate increase. There was no notice on my Jan. or Feb. bill but the increase showed up on my March statement. After I complained via email they sent me the notification about the increase. It said the rates went up by an average of 4%. That's very "sneaky and deceptive" because when I calculated mine it was 7%. I think I am probably in the "average" category as I have the middle tier programming. There was another increase just a few months ago. Every time I sent an email complaining not only about the increase but the way it was implemented, I received a reply from a DIFFERENT customer service person, even when I replied to their message it went to someone else. That is very annoying. They have been bragging lately about being #1 in customer service, but if they keep this up that won't be for much longer! I have about had it with them, as they are starting to remind me of Comcast, who I left in 2005. We, the regular longtime customers are subsidizing all the new customers they are signing up for $29.95 for 2 yrs. I saw a statement that said they don't have to pay the increase until their 2 yr. commitment is up. I found a way to get around it though, as I changed my service to the next lower plan, and only lost about 4-5 channels I had been watching. I can easily do without those. They will not get anymore money out of me, and their credibility is completely shot with me. They will be losing this longtime customer at the end of 6 months when I move from SC to GA, as I will go with either the local cable co. or DishTV.


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