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Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 12:25pm CST by 4923d5dc

Product: Dell Inspirion 537 Slim Tower

Company: Dell

Location: US


Category: Other

Buyer beware. In July 2009 I orderd online from Dell the Inspiron 537 Slim Tower with Windows XP Pro. The confirmation said Windows Vista. By phone I was assured it would have XP. It arrived and would not turn on. Two days later a serviceman put in a new power supply. After booting up Windows did not work. I spent 4 days working with a tech man from India who spoke very litle English. During the fourth day he hung up and no further support was available. I then spent a week working online with Microsoft. It was elevated up two levels and still no resolution. I then took my new Dell to a local repair man and for another $200 he got it working. Now two years later My system crashed so I was going to re-install XP only to find that the original disks sent with the computer were for Vista and also the label on the unit was Vista. Now Dell tech service tells me it will cost $249 to get their help. Dell customer service says no help available after 30 days from invoice date. All I wanted was the XP disc that should have been sent with the system. In my opinion Dell has a "so what sucker" attitude toward customers. They don't care because there are millions of suckers born every day. I will never have a Dell product again.


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