Holtz TV - Bad Television Repair Service

Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 8:38pm CST by 905a4299

Product: 42 Phillips Television

Company: Holtz TV

Location: 2304 S. Locust St.
Grand Island, Ne, US

URL: http://www.holtztv.com/

Category: Other

I purchased a 42" Phillips flat screen television three years ago along with an extended warranty. Here recently I started having problems with my tv that required warranty work. Holtz tv of Grand Island, NE did the warranty work on my tv. They had it for 5 weeks ( which was a ridiculous amount of time for a TV repair!!). When I finally got my tv back they had fixed the problem but had a new problem with the tv that was caused by their faulty repair work/faulty parts. So I called them up and they basically said it was not their problem and they would not stand behind their repair work since it was warranty work and to call the warranty company. Well our warranty expired while holtz tv had our television making repairs. So the warranty company said they wont cover the new problem since the warranty had expired. Holtz Tv should be responsible for this! It is their fault my tv still does not function properly. So now I have a televsion that does not work properly because Holtz TV will not stand behind their very poor repair service and there is nothing I can do about. And the lady on the phone at Holtz Tv needs to learn the meaning of customer service!


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