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Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 11:37pm CST by Fred H.

Product: Verizon FIOS

Company: Verizon

Location: PO Box 11328 St Petersburg, FL 33733
St Petersburg, FL, 33733, US


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I tried removing the costly movie plans from my FIOS Triple Play account and Verizon Customer Service said my wife and I can save money by switching our phone to Digital Voice and that we could get additional savings by switching the account from my name to hers to get new customer discounts. On the day of the change we were only supposed to get a disruption to phone service for a couple hours and were given a temporary number. Instead, we lost all phone, TV, and Internet that day (starting early morning). The technician came out late afternoon and restored service except to say we would not get the old phone number working until 24 hours passed. It is now over a day later and we still have no access to the old phone and calling that number says it's disconnected. We contacted tech support and customer service to find out three things: the new account has the temp number associated, the old number is on a disconnected account, and our only choices are to either go back to the old account with some delay before that can be scheduled or keep the new account with the new phone number. We are extremely aggravated as all of our contacts have this phone number and we are now experiencing a long disruption to service even if we can go back to the old phone number. We were told that customer service ends at midnight and then later that it ended at 11pm, and we wanted to talk with someone in authority to definitively tell us what can be done before we begin complaints. We are completely at a loss and are getting no assistance from Verizon who gave us us completed confidence about these changes and now seem totally incompetent to manage the problem they created.

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Fred H., 2012-03-09, 03:14PM CST

The Customer Supervisor who was supposed to call me never did. I called Customer Service the next day, they transferred me incorrectly to Tech Support, and they transferred me back. That last person at Customer Service was able to help me, and she even confirmed the solution by checking with her supervisor. By afternoon, some people could call us on our old phone number. However, this required two more calls to Customer Service and then Tech Support because some people would get an error message calling that number and it would work for some. That tech support agent mediated a qork order for testing and advanced troubleshooting with what seemed to be someone in tier 2 or 3 level support. That person was supposed to contact me in 2-3 hours with the solution or next steps. However, he texted me Friday morning saying that the final fix should be in place by 5pm on Friday. So far, I think people are able to contact us.

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