- Randall Thornberry @ is a SCAM!!

Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 10:04pm CST by 15508b84

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Randall Thornberry of is a total SCAM ARTIST.

He lies about his credentials (ie., He went to MIT, is a super admin. at Facebook, was one of the original creators of Openstack, worked for WikiLeaks, was a hacker and has now been given special government protection... blah blah blah)

The lies seem to get bigger and bigger the more you talk to him.

He takes a deposit and has you sign a contract that signs away

ALL of your rights to your project. He NEVER gets back to you and drags things on and on until he thinks you will give up.

I gave him a deposit of $500.00 and every week he has had a different excuse as to why he couldn't show me anything.

The first red flag was that he put up a "Coming Soon" landing page for my website. There were 3 spelling and punctuations errors in the two lined sentence. I immediately called him to please fix them.

It literally took him three weeks to to take down the page. When he did take down the page, he put up an entirely different website's company name. It wasn't even my company name!

I had to hire another web designer to help me get the landing page fixed. It literally took him 10 minutes to replace the page.

He did in 10 minutes what Randall couldn't do in 4 weeks.

The list like this goes on and on....

Randall trolls Craigslist looking for unassuming people who have dreams of building their websites and spends his time meeting them and taking deposits instead of actually building anyones sites.

I am now in the process of suing him for the $500.00 deposit.

Frankly, I just want to warn other unsuspecting people out there about his unscrupulous behavior. I went to him with the enthusiasm and excitement of creating something and he flat out took advantage

of me.


He is a compulsive liar and manipulator and I would hate to see other people just trying to get a website built lose money like I did. By the way, The numbers now listed on his website don't even go to him. People answer and have NO idea who Randall Thornberry is or what is!!!


Lesson learned here: ALWAYS Check references before you ever sign up with anyone!!

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57353d5d, 2013-03-05, 08:58PM CST

I was about to pull the trigger on Randall Thornberry, I read this article and freaked out.

I then noticed that this is seems to be just one person (Jonnie, Sharon, and Daniel) posting the same thing on several websites.

So this person seems to have it out for crazy person you!

By the time I read this email Randall was already finished and got our site done in 3 days and charged a little less than we anticipated.

It sucks because I almost did not work with him because of this article. The kid is 23 and very talented. I am very happy with his work and am a little terrified with how easy it is to attack someones reputation online.

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