Oogie Games

Posted on Saturday, March 31st, 2012 at 2:54pm CDT by 88b16a09

Product: Video Games

Company: Oogie Games

Location: LOCKPORT, NE, 14094, US

URL: http://www.oogiegames.com/

Category: Entertainment

Just Bought ONE game from then Star Wars Rebel Assault 2...Was defective: Line down the middle of Screen. UNACCEPTABLE!!!! These people are real SCUMBAGS!!!! they purchased stock from the Liquidated Going out of Biz Game Crazy in Lockport. Bought 2 defective Star Wars Games from there...They gave me a Hard time with return for refund. They are all scummy street trash that they Hire!!!! Please avoid the trouble before hand..., When you do make a return.. they are disrespectful, trouble making Gay idiots! Please don't put yourself in that position. Every single other Competitor: IE: Game Stop, On line Sellers like JJ Games, and "Donate Games.org Great choices. No problems from several Purchases. And they all will refund your Credit Card. Without all the belittling, Berating, Insults from these Oogie Games Scum!!!


88b16a09, 2012-03-31, 03:17PM CDT

These People are The Bottom Feeders In life!!! Lost good Jobs and Conduct Business Deceptively, Unacceptable foul mouthed people that WE SHOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH>>>> Stop Getting Ripped off by these Scum!!!!

4ad41eae, 2012-03-31, 09:47PM CDT

I wouldn't put up with such rotten treatment either...You did the right thing....thanks for the heads up...luv u...saved me a lot of $.

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