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American Dentists Charge Too Much!

US Dentist sends patients to Mexico Dentists on Mexico dental vacations to Cabo and Puerto Vallarta dental clinics.

Dr. Henry Nelson DDS owner of AMD Mexico Dentists .com believes as much as you do that dentists in America charge too much. And that Mexico dentists charge a fraction of what US dentists charge for the same work.

And dentists in Mexico are happy for the business he sends them. The doctor sends patients to board certified dentists only on Mexico dental vacations. Cabo and Puerto Vallarta dentists in Mexico are the most popular dental vacation destinations in Latin America according to the dentist.

The doctor feels so strongly about helping more people obtain affordable dentistry in America and Canada - he purchased the Mexico dental vacation website - About Mexican Dentists.com

His site is the only American owned dental vacation site that sends patients to Mexico dentists for major treatments like crowns, root canals, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants in Mexico.


His Mexico dental vacation company even reimburses the airfare or resort stays for larger treatment patients such as those having cosmetic dental makeovers, multiple crowns, veneers, root canals etc.

When not busy at two Maine clinics, he'll take calls from patients to advise them on their dental needs and Mexico dental vacations.

Staff including his office manager wife Rachael backs him up when he's unavailable.

The out-spoken New England dentist says: More people could afford healthcare in America if medical professionals didn't drive $100,000 Mercedes Benzs.

The frugal dentist from Maine practices what he preaches. In fact the head of a family of 4 doesn't even own a car. He rides a 10 yr. old Honda motorcycle.

Call Dr Nelson Henry Toll Free from in the USA and Canada about your dental needs from 9-9pm Eastern Standard Time 1 888 823 2318

Or visit his Mexico dental travel site: About Mexican Dentists.com at: www.aboutmexicandentists.com

Dr. Nelson also consults for the Mexico Dental Association - a Spanish lang. site - www.ada.com.mx/

Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association English lang. site www.mexicodentist-boardcertified.org

And for Dental Travel Guide to dentists in Asia: www.dentaltravel-asiadentist.com

Tell your friends of About Mexican Dentists .com and Dr. Nelsons personal solution to the American dental care crisis.


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