Clark Wagaman Designs - Contractor/Convicted Felon

Posted on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at 12:10pm CST by f8537ec5

Product: Aluminum Awning

Company: Clark Wagaman Designs

Location: 2521 Butano Drive
Sacramento, Ca, 95821, US


Category: Other

We contracted Clark Wagaman Designs to build a aluminum awning over our back patio. My husband discovered overhearing a conversation While work was taking place among Clark Wagaman and Manuel, Co-worker or buisness partner. Manuel had been convicted of murder and served several years in state prison.

We called Clark wagaman to ask for information regarding Manuel and the conversation heard by my husband. Clark Wagaman refused to speak to us and simply said the work was completed there should not be any issues or concerns.

I find it outrageous and quit simply scary to have a unknown convicted felon at my home. Clark Wagamans attitude over this situation is totally unacceptable. and very upsetting. We check the Contractors State License Board before hiring any Contractor, How does any one verify who may be working for one of these contractors


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