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Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 3:30pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Vision Works

Location: Apopka, Fl, 32712, US


Category: Other

After sending the following complaint I received a rather rude response which goes to show just how poorly run this business is:

To Whom It May Concern,

My Partner, myself and our roommate are in need of glasses,

we decided to check out a sale you had running last year, my

partner needs multifocal, our roommate needs bifocal..and I have

never been to the eye doctor before and am having trouble seeing.

We stepped inside your shop lcoated at 436/Semoran in Apopka, FL.

Was approached by a Woman who acted like she did not want our

business, she half assed answered a few questions, said she would be

right back, then proceeded to help out customers who came in behind

us..we waited for over 2 hours, she returned to us and said the Doc.

was leaving in 30 minutes and could only see 1 of us or 2..our work

schedules vary so this was unacceptable..especially due to the fact we came in early enough for all three to have been seen..we left angry

and insulted..Just last week my Partner and I decided to give Vision

Works another chance..we stepped inside and once again was

promptly ignored, no one greeted or even us told us "one moment please."

Various employees looked up at us and went back to milling around

or seeing to other customers..we figured they were busy so we walked

around for over 30 mins..upon seeing four different customers who came

in after us being greeted and waited on..we left once again in a angry huff.

On Saturday the 31st we will be taking our business/money and 6 needed

pairs of glasses to your competitor "Americas Best" They as well as anyone who will listen will be told about the ill way we were treated...There is no

excuse for your employees conduct on both our visits...We were dressed

properly, our backsides/underwear was fully covered..we were clean, hair

combed and wearing shoes..To say we were disappointed is a mild

statement...we will not be returning a third time...

This was their response:

"Thank you for your email.

We apologize for the level of service you received at Vision Works.

Could you please provide a contact phone number for where we can reach you in reference with this challenge?

I look forward to your response to [email protected] with the original message attached.

Nancy Kichton

Internet Team Representative


Here is my new response:

No challenge?? (wth) here, just a statement of fact, and we have no intentions of giving your company our business! Sorry, a 3rd chance is not an option!! Thank you for your time, *****

Rude and stupid, Americas Best here we come!!

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a9d6ad65, 2012-05-20, 09:22PM CDT

Without an opportunity to reach out to the customer, the ability of the company to correct any errors or educate staffing is null and void.

I am sure that the representative appreciates you including her in your derogatory comments.

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