Orange County Police Department - Speed Traps In Apopka, Florida

Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 3:03pm CDT by c458eec9

Company: Orange County Police Department

Location: APOPKA, FL, 32712, US

Category: Government, Police

I am madder then I have ever been, on Welch Road the speed changes from time to time, at one point it drops down from 50 mph down to 35, as I neared the area I started to take my foot off my gas to reduce my speed of 50 mph, suddenly a cop hiding behind some bushes drives across a yard, bounces off a curb just to get behind me, he pulls me over and proves his ignorance by asking if I worked in Florida, I said yes rather slowly, then he proceeds to write me a ticket..I didn't even have time to reduce my speed from the previously posted speed to the new speed, CAN YOU SAY SPEED TRAP! As the asshole walked away from my car I mumbled a few choice words he did not hear, then I proceeded home which was a mere 10 minutes away..imagine my surprise when I saw my fine was gulp over $255...I nearly shit my pants!! Of course his quota # was handwritten in the corner...I saw him in the same location the following night hiding like the snake/coward he is awaiting his next victim...he will be there until the first of the month no doubt...One more second and I would have been going the required posted speed of 35mph..the sad thing is with the reckless way he was driving he is gonna end up killing someone all so he can meet his quota!!


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