Exclusive Vip Transportation - Never Use Exclusive Vip Transportation

Posted on Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 11:14pm CDT by 57eaf46e

Company: Exclusive Vip Transportation

Location: 320 E Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV, 89119, US

Category: Other

On 3-22-2012 I spoke with Crystal to give her our arriving info. On 3-23-2012 30 people including myself arrived in Las Vegas from Detroit waited 2hrs for Exclusive VIP transportation to pick us up from the airport and drop us off at the Luxor. I called 1-702-544-9398 and 1-702-889-8477 over 48 times and left several voice messages because no one from their company was there to pick us up at 11:34 a.m. as planned. So we had to use Showtime shuttle transportation for their services. Once I got to the hotel I went to their website and retrieved another telephone number which is Buddy Ramsey the owner. When I called and spoke with him about us not being picked up he stated that he was there at the airport for 45min waiting on us and he called me and never got a number and he did not leave a message on my voicemail.

Buddy wanted to accommodate us by picking us up later that night so N. Williams and I who is my partner on this group trip agreed to it. They picked us up at 8:00p.m. Thursday March 23, 2012 and took us to Joes Seafood and Steakhouse in Caesars Palace. We stayed there for an hour or so. Barry the driver asked us what would we like to do? We didnt know so we asked if he can just take us to the liquor store which was maybe a block away. And wouldnt you know that when we got off the bus he told us that would be $150.00.Really??? To take us to the store! Mind you there is only a 25% deposit and we gave Buddy the owner a $1200 deposit and we was only suppose to give $560.00 and that was because we had the party bus for 2nights yeah right. So as you know everyone was upset very upset. Where were we being accommodated at huh? I thought that was ridiculous this is not accommodating at all. We were never picked up from the airport; then you tell us we have to pay an additional $150.00 to go to the liquor store. So I called Buddy. NO ANSWER. I tried talking to Barry as to why we were getting charged and that did not turn out well and I still gave him a $100.00 tip for his services to show that we needed him for our nightlife in Vegas.

I called Buddy Saturday to let him know that no one wanted utilize his services anymore because they did not feel comfortable and did not trust him and his business. And to just charge us for the hour that we use the bus for. He told me that was not an option. We either let them pick us up after the Kevin Hart show and take us to some clubs and take us to the airport or we lose our money. So again we decided to use them. GUESS WHAT? BARRY SAID THE HE WAS NOT COMING TO PICK US UP AND BUDDY STOP ANWERING HIS PHONE. SO I AM IN THE PROCESS OF WRITING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU, THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF LAS VEGAS AND PUTTING THEM ON THE HALL OF SHAME IN LAS VEGAS.BUDDY YOU PICKED THE WRONG ONE BABY.OHH AND THIS COMPANY HAVE 16COMPLAINTS AGAINST THEM IN THE BBB FILES.PLUS 30 MORE FROM DETROIT.BUDDY ITS TIME TO CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS BECAUSE HERE I COME.


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