Purchasing Power - Poor customer service. Can't get a response

Posted on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at 8:44am CDT by 6aa6aa4e

Company: Purchasing Power

Location: 1375 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA, 30309, US

URL: http://www.purchasingpower.com/

Category: Other

I have purchased an item from purchasing power that I am currently making payments on through payroll deduction.

On March 7, 2012 I receive an email from their billing department stating that I owe them money. This is a shock to me because I am continuing to pay them through payroll deduction. I tried to call them at 800-903-0809 to discuss this with their billing department. I was on hold for well over 20 minutes without a response. They indicated that you could email them at [email protected] I sent an email to them requesting a response. I received the automated response acknowledging that they have received my email and that someone would be getting in touch with me. No response.

Approximately 10 days later, someone by the name of Amanda calls my home and leaves a message with me. I called her back the same day and left a message. We continue to play phone tag a couple of times, but I have never been able to speak to anyone to obtain clarification regarding this matter. Finally, I learn that they have debited my bank account three times over two separate days. This has me irate because I am continuing to pay them through payroll deduction and also I can't seem to get anyone on the phone to discuss this matter.

On 3/28/12 I called and left a message for Amanda. No response. I called their customer service at 888-923-6236. The rep directs me back to the billing department again at 800-903-0809 (not before she herself tries to call Amanda at 404-609-5640, only to receive her voicemail as well). I contacted the billing department via phone and waited on hold for over 30 minutes and no one still picked up the phone. I left my phone number for a call back. I tried to call them back and still the same issue. I am continuing to wait for them to call me back. In the meantime this has caused me to put a complaint in with my bank, i have shut my credit card down. This is just a nightmare. Can someone please provide assistance as something needs to be done about these people and their lack of customer service.

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be9ad48b, 2014-12-03, 02:35AM CST

Experiencing the same situation getting my attorney involved. Thsee people have the WORST customer service in the world.

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