- Peter Johnson,

Posted on Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 at 9:25am CDT by 829d4bd2

Product: B2B Financing


Location: 6505 Kalua Road, Suite 303
Boulder, Co, 80301, US


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I inquired about a job with these people.

Peter Johnson, who refers to himself as "The Management" but is the principle in the business, sent me a canned answer stating the following:

"increasing your sales with Reverse Layaway by offering you $100 off of your set-up fee which covers the programming and encryption of your hardware/software and is normally $320....but for you it's only $220."

I replied with, "Why would I pay YOU to sell YOUR products?"

He sent the nastiest email back that started out like this: "Perhaps your native intelligence is low or your intellectual quality is simply not that high, but clearly your reading comprehension alone disqualifies you from the position we are looking fill." Mind you, they aren't looking "to fill" the position only "fill" it.

Then he denied asking for money saying: "We ask for no investment into our company from anyoneclearly a very pertinent fact you missed."

Then he threatened me with legal action if I contacted them again. I promptly replied to his email and as a favor, I corrected his grammar and punctuation. No charge.

I am still wondering what he meant by "Your Native Intelligence". Did he mean, because I'm an American, a woman, a southerner or perhaps he assumed a particular race? THAT is something I would surely like to know.

I have a strong suspicion he will deny this. I am perfectly willing to forward the emails.


829d4bd2, 2012-03-28, 10:40AM CDT

New email from Mr. Johnson about my posting complaints.

"You have done nothing but prove my point as to how incredibly low your IQ is by wasting your own time on a futile task that will not benefit you in any way. And now your ignorance and harassment activities shall be rewarded with legal action as promised. Go watch TV and leave the adults alone before I post this exchange online and let the world see how ignorant you truly are."

8ac53578, 2012-04-01, 07:48PM CDT

Monica Doucet (monicadoucet @ is unemployed and looking for a job. She's not a customer and never will be--she is someone who is irked by the fact she is unqualified to work for us and we had the balls to tell her so.

100% of our customers are happy. No complaints. Not one. Ever.

She discovered a position we have open (we are small and growing fast in today's economy) and emailed us her resume. Instead of waiting for a response, she immediately filled out the form on our Web site for prospective customers to receive a free report about how our product benefits them by increasing their sales virtually overnight. Upon receiving the automated email we send to prospective customers that fill out this form (which includes a discount to them if they become customers in a certain time frame), Monica Doucet incorrectly assumed that because we charge our customers a fee for our product that somehow we charge a fee to people that work for us. We do not do this and we never have. Unfortunately for Monica, I own the company and know how we operate--she does not (although she'll attempt to convince you otherwise!).

We have no idea how she came to this incorrect conclusion since she signed up as a prospective customer and falsified to us that she was in the medical/legal professional services field in order to receive the report, and this is the root of the problem.

Someone that cannot tell the difference between a Web-based customer request for a free report that comes with a coupon for prospective customers and asking for a job--in today's Internet Age--is clearly not intelligent enough to effectively represent our product. This is the first impression she gave us.

She sent us an email with her resume and then minutes later filled out the request for the free report and then moments after that sent us at least 4 emails with the words "Why would I pay YOU to sell YOUR products?". Not the best way to make an impression on an employer you are seeking a job from--especially when you are WRONG. But it's a perfect red flag to identify people that just aren't that intelligent. So thank you Monica for screening yourself out for us.

Since we saw that she had zero sales experience (which is what the position entails) and her only experience EVER was working in a family-owned printing business, it was clear in seconds that she did not warrant any further inspection. But...

When we were honest with her about the reason we were not going to hire her--her low IQ--she became vindictive and spiteful and has been criminally posting incorrect information about us such as above.

To give you an idea of the level this woman is operating on, she sent us this:

My "Native Intelligence" includes excellent social networking skills. I'm about to blast you all over the internet. YOU are unprofessional and YOU did infer that you were charging me money for this job....but hey...Let's allow the other folks on the internet to decide. I'm sure one or two of them have enough "intelligence" to figure this thing out.

You should really take an English composition class before you start emailing, accusing people of a lack of intelligence. .I took the liberty of correcting some of it for you. You should take advantage of the favor. Perhaps next time you won't seem uneducated as opposed to just being unprofessional."

She actually went through my email and made numerous incorrect changes and then directly failed to apply the same grammatical and punctuation rules to her own correspondence. She's simply petty.

Now that she has begun a criminal campaign of libel and slander against us online, we--as we told her up front--will be taking action against her.

Anyone with any common sense can see her intent to libel and slander us as racists/sexists/foreign xenophobes at the end of her posting. This page will be evidence in court.

By the way, Monica, "native intelligence" means "common sense".

And we'll stand by our position that you have none.

See you in court Monica.

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