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Posted on Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 at 6:23pm CDT by 5b66a59b

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I want to warn all small businesses that TD Bank is a terrible place to do business. I am a small business owner. In December 2011 I was contacted by a very reputable multi-national corporation wanting me to do some work for them. I was thrilled to say the least, this was an opportunity of a lifetime for a small company like mine.

I accepted the proposal with the understanding that the company only pays vendors outside their country via wire transfer and they have a net 30 day terms policy. I had no problems with those terms. The company requested that I get a copy of all information for an International Wire Transfer from TD Bank, on their letterhead, which I did. They provided me with that letter on January 25, 2012. I submitted the letter to my client the same day.

I was told there was a wire transfer processed in the amount of $7,500.00 on March 16th. I began calling my bank and inquiring as to the process and when I should expect the money in my account. I was told that it would take a minimum of three days but no more than 5 days. The following Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I contacted the bank again and was told the wire was not in the system. Each and every time I spoke with TD Bank Customer Service, which was almost daily, I asked the employee if they would kindly confirm that the information I was provided in January was correct for this wire transfer, and every time I was assured it was correct.

On Monday, March 26th, 10 days after the wire was submitted, I still had not received the funds. I called the bank and spoke with customer service and this time when I asked to confirm the information I was informed that the letter I received in January was in error, that they had provided me with the incorrect bank name and the incorrect bank address and the incorrect routing (ABA) number. This infuriated me and I immediately contacted my local bank branch to find out how this could be the case. They apologized but there was nothing they could tell me.

I have spent the last 8 hours of this day trying to get the correct information. My local bank representative contacted the International Wire Transfer division of TD Bank and was given different information than I was given in January and different than I was provided on the 26th. After many hours of phone calls I received another letter from the bank with new information but not before the local bank representative I was dealing with stated "It scares me to death to send this to you because I don't know if it is correct!". How is a person suppose to have faith in this bank?

I have asked to be contacted by the bank manager but he has not returned my calls. I have no way of knowing where the $7,500.00 is or when it will appear in my account. My client has requested new information from the bank to resubmit the wire transfer but I don't know what their procedure is in regards to this situation. I doubt seriously they will take my word that I do not have the money and TD Bank can not confirm to anyone where the money is or when it will be returned. After all this I called customer service just as a test and asked if they could tell me what the process is to do an International Wire Transfer and I was given the same information I was provided in January. I later called the International Wire Transfer Division and they provided the same information.

That would mean if the information I was provided in January was correct then the money should be in my account. If I ask where the money is they tell me it was never sent to the bank because I have the wrong information, but when I try to confirm the information they tell me more often than not that the information I have is exactly what I need. So I then ask Ok, then where is the money and the cycle starts all over again with them telling me the money was never transferred because I have the wrong information. They can not possibly have it both ways, either the information is correct and they have the money or the information is incorrect and I need new information.

There is nothing I can do because nobody at TD Bank knows the answer, or if they do they prefer to keep it to themselves. I am beyond frustrated and as soon as I resolve this situation I will be changing banks very promptly never to return to TD Bank, America's Most Incompetent Bank.

I sincerely believe that the only reason this has happened is because of the incompetence and laziness of TD Bank employees and customer service. They were and are too lazy to pull a piece of paper out and read whether the information I am reading to them is correct. What a mess!!!


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