Radical Motor Sports of NJ - RMS ripped me off for $1000's of dollars on a Car that was purchased and had problems from the very first day!

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 10:07am CDT by 0241996d

Product: Mercedes CL600

Company: Radical Motor Sports of NJ

Location: 815 Route 17
South Ramsey, NJ, 07446, US

URL: http://www.rmsofnewjersey.com/

Category: Other

I believe that David Butler ripped me off for $1000's of dollars on a Car that was purchased and had problems from the very first day!

It is my belief that David Butler of Radical Motor Sports of New Jersey does not care about his customers!

The following is the chronological series of events that transpired after purchasing a car from Radical Motor Sports of NJ as I experienced it.

I purchased a high end used Mercedes Benz from them in April '11. From the very first day I had the car there were problems with the air suspension system, the vehicle vibrating while driving, and a few other problems preventing me from even getting the car through state inspection successfully.

Fast forward to June '11. I brought the car to them for the 4th time under "Warranty". I was going away for 2 weeks for vacation and spoke with David about making sure the car would be fixed once and for all. David told me that it would probably be done the 1st weekend I was away. When I returned from vacation I called David to ask about the car and was told that it was not ready yet.

David and I agreed to a final date that if the car was not ready by he would issue me a full refund for the car. That day came and the car still wasn't ready.

This is where I believe Radical Motor Sports really began to show their true colors. David's told me that he would only refund me for the PAYOFF amount on my loan (I had already made extra principal payments), plus he would issue me a check for 1 month's payment on the loan. The remainder they wouldn't be reimbursing, which was over $3000!!!

David said I should get the sales tax refund from the state, however when I contacted NY to inquire about this they told me the car would have to be bought back as a lemon in order to get a sales tax refund. When I told this to David he told me that they could not buy the car back as a lemon since that would change the title and then they couldn't sell it at auction for the same amount.

I then sent David a long and detailed e-mail listing all of the costs that needed to be refunded, to which I received a 6 word response "I suggest you contact your attorney".

I finally decided that I needed to get the loan paid off no matter what as I couldn't keep paying for a car I didn't have. David and I worked to get the car paid off, and he never did refund me for the remaining amount.

I believe that David Butler of Radical Motor Spots of New Jersey, rmsofnewjersey.com, is a dishonest man, who runs a dishonest business selling high end cars that have problems with them.


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