Infy Infotech - InfyInfotech won't refund my money

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 4:54pm CDT by ca1f2636

Product: Infy Infotech QA online training

Company: Infy Infotech

Location: BridgeWater, NJ, US


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This company offered me a online training for s/w quality assurance job. Quoted $500 for one month training. asked $200 for 1st installment before they can start doing anything. I paid the first installment via credit card (amex). They preferred amex because the person who i spoke to said he will get the money quicker. After i paid the money, they did not send a course schedule , course material or anything. I called the phone goes to voice mail. They dont answer my emails. They call when they want to but again promises but nothing happens. They gave me half hour introduction kind of class which is a crap. I am not satisfied and i wanted to cancel training and get refund my money. Their policy says i could get refund within 14 days or before 3 sessions of class. I cancelled my training by calling and told them and also by email. They are not telling me one way or other on when they will refund the money. They keep saying we will talk to our boss for the refund but dont send me email confirming that. These guys are bunch of cheaters. No training, no customer service whatsoever but they want only your money. Whoever runs this is must be a crook who will have worst death (by god)for cheating others.


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0d09771b, 2012-05-02, 12:28PM CDT

I hope u r misunderstand, i know so many persons happy with training what they provided, they have well experianced trainers. still your not belive i will give some refferece nos

75a52404, 2013-02-22, 09:25AM CST

Look at the comment above it is a bull crap. Infyinfotech is a scam. They have a list of promise, but they do not fullfill. Do not waste your money. Mr. Comment above please give me reference and phone number of people whom you have given jobs and training.

Giri S., 2013-09-16, 08:17AM CDT

These guys( are bunch of cheaters. No training, no customer service whatsoever but they want only our money. they never arranged any training and not even bothered to respond. I paid $200 as registration fee and they failed to arrange the training sessions and refunded my money back. Dont go to these guys. They are Damn cheaters. Need to take legal action on these guys. I spoke with Rohit and Michal. They are big cheaters. I am writing this because no other people should be cheated by these guys.

Vinisha, 2013-10-21, 03:01PM CDT

I wish I had listened to the reviews.

Totally unprofessional, asked more personal questions than professional, and is not willing to give me my money back. They assured me that I would be satisfied, however they didn't show up for sessions and then would call half and hour later asking me to come online for training. Rohit lied to my face, his VoIP is based in India. All trainers are in India, not in the U.S, and definitely not competent. I traced the call. He claims he's in Bridgewater, NJ but that is untrue.

InfyInfoTech claims to be much, but is definitely not professional and scam artists. I'm leaving my contact details in this if you would like to know more about how they cheated me. They scammed me of 200 dollars.

Email: [email protected]

708a6e34, 2013-11-04, 05:55PM CST

Hi my name is Nishitha, I took the training in SAP with Infyinfotech, The trainer was really well experienced and i really appreciate Michal as he suggested me and helped me a lot. I really thank all the guys for helping me and especially my trainer he was so patience and too cool person at his training.

What ever the reviews below i don't mind. but honestly i got the good training and service. Thanks

15eb0bae, 2013-11-05, 04:34PM CST

Hey My name is Jasmith Rana, am a citizen of United States Of America, Well i took the training in HADOOP and the trainer was really well experienced and he shared his knowledge and i appreciate his patience while explain with all the examples,Thank to my trainer as he was helpful to me.

Thanks michal for your effort and appreciate Rohit for arranging a good faculty. Ah i Just wanted to share my experience what i had with infyinfotech.

Thank you guys..

Shanti c., 2013-11-06, 05:19PM CST

Got the best training from infyinfotech for QA...they charged me decent price for the course and trainer was excellent with teaching and also gave me quality training.Thanks infy for a excellent training.I wish you all the best.

Shanti from florida

e5f2701d, 2013-11-07, 02:01PM CST

Hello, I took the training with infyinfotech, They were really good at service part and trainer has a good knowledge in .NET and i really appreciate Smith who suggested me for this training and thank for arranging a good faculty. Thanks infyinfotech team.

e5f2701d, 2013-11-07, 03:28PM CST

Hey, Well i agree with Jasmith Rana as we both had a training with infyinfotech in a same batch as trainer is really good and well experienced, i already had a class with other company and i didn't found what exactly i was looking for and i got a call from michal who was really helpful, And i thank my trainer that he made to reach me to next level, Thanks guys...

e5f2701d, 2013-11-07, 03:59PM CST

Am Jaya Panchal,

I took QA training with Infyinfotech, Training is skill which everyone cannot do, It's not about completing the course it's about making people to understand in the class, I learned so many things I like the way of trainer Arpana teaches and gives importance to every student and answer their respective questions, I am really satisfied with the training, Hope this experience surely i will try to upgrade myself and in future if i would like to attend any course surely i will approach Inyinfotech.

Thanks john for your help and thanks a lot to your trainer.... :)

b0ea5354, 2013-11-07, 07:17PM CST

Above comments that are raving positive reviews of InfyInfo tech are all crap. Will ask you for payment and be late to classes. teaching quality is horrible. Please stay away from this consultancy!!! The reviews are all fake that claim that InfyInfo tech helped. They claim to have competitors that post bad reviews about them, but that is untrue. It is just a marketing scheme to lure bakras (goats). InfyInfo Tech is incompetent and a scam.

11c8ec4b, 2013-11-08, 02:56PM CST

Hi all I am firew got registered with infyinfotech a week back. Took SAP training from them. Till now its going smooth and trainer has excellent knowledge about the subject, and they promised me for placement as well, even got a call from marketing quering me about my past experience and related projects. Also they sent me some sample resumes. Im happy with infyinfotech as of now. Im referring one of my friend as well for SAP training with infy infotech.

11c8ec4b, 2013-11-08, 03:30PM CST

All topics in Oracle were clearly covered and well explained by Mr. Ravi Materials and slides used over the training were excellent. Flexible lab sessions helped in understanding the topics well. I would like to thank infyinfotech for the motivation & support provided over the training.

Elizabeth P., 2013-11-11, 02:44PM CST

Terrific course and trainer! I really like this style,of the teaching and way of the presentations. It seems more engaging than a ?classroom? style of presenting the materials and server access. Great job!

Instructor feedback was excellent,and his knowledge of not just the course material,but related subjects as well

They are also marketing my resume.Got client calls as well

Feel like going with Infyinfotech for another course....

Prabha C., 2013-11-24, 08:35AM CST

Ignore these guys...This company doesn't seems like a genuine company..Doesn't have a basic ethics..

Besides loosing your money, you will get lots of stress. They promised that they will start training by 11/15/13, if I pay them immediately a advance of $200. So I paid them on 11/14/13..After that they are not responding to any of my mails or calls, they didn't arrange for my Informatica B2B training either...I kept calling Rohit, Pankaj & Michael, but no one picks up the call.

Now I am sure that they won't refund my money back...Its a waste of time..In fact the pretended that they found a trainer and set up the training course couple of times, but it looks like a fake one as no one joined even after waiting for an hour...

Ignore these guys..For any Informatica tool based training, is best in my opinion as I am learning Informatica B2B through him...

I am gonna spread this news as far as I can...

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