Cleaning For Heroes - Cleaning For Heroes Promised me and Never Delivered

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 at 4:50pm CDT by 9fabf724

Product: house home cleaning

Company: Cleaning For Heroes

Location: 221B Hallene Rd, Warwick, RI 02886 Telephone:401-732-MAID FAX:866-389-3445
Warwick, RI, 02886, US


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I was promised free cleaning for heroes from these characters! They ALLEGEDLY arrange cleaning for Military, Fire, and Police personnel! HOWEVER, after NUMEROUS interactions by emailing, faxing, speaking to them about my application I was NEVER provided with such free services!!! They promised me verbally on the phone they would set me up very easily with free services seeing I reside in a very busy part of America which NEVER HAPPENED!!! They rarely answer emails or phone calls withing many days to weeks++ They promised me the world and FAILED to provide me with the services they BRAG ALL OVER about! After dozens of hours of WASTED time by me gathering information and filling out their lengthily application and communicating with them it was ALL A BIG WASTE OF TIME AND NOTHING CAME GOOD OF IT!!! Then I asked them to return my private information given to them and they REFUSED TO ANSWER MY EMAILS AND REFUSED TO PROVIDE MY INFORMATION!!! My Attorney and the Police etc.. will be advised about these characters!!! You can apply and waste countless hours and days and end up like me with NOTHING! What a big run around and waste of time! Horrible!!!!

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f11a1dfb, 2012-03-26, 07:12PM CDT

Cleaning for Heroes is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which provides no-cost cleaning services to disabled and elderly veterans by coordinating services with professional cleaning companies and veterans who need house cleaning help. Clients apply for services and, once we verifiy that they are eligible for the program, we match them with a provider or work to recruit a provider in their area. At no time do we ever promise a client that we will be able to provide services to them and this can be verified both on our website's FAQ page and on the application that the client fills out when they apply for services.

This client was contacted days after applying for services and became irate when we could not immediately help him. We have been nothing but polite and forthcoming about our ability to find a provider to provide him with free house cleaning services. This client has not paid us for anything nor have we ever promised that we would be able to find a house cleaning service to provide him with FREE house cleaning services. We were upfront about the time frame that we felt we needed to work on his case and the fact that we were not able to help him immediately enraged him. We have removed his name and information from our database. We received his application and supporting documentation via fax, and once the information was entered into our system the fax print-outs were shredded. There is nothing to return to the client and his personal information has not been jeopardized in any way.

As a nonprofit organization with a very small budget, we work very hard to provide services to disabled and elderly veterans. We are sorry that this client felt that we were trying to scam him in some way. This simply is not true. Our client application clearly states that "Depending upon funding, and whether or not there is a participating service company in your area, we may have to place you on a waiting list. We are adding new residential service company members every day and we have applied for funding through special grants. We hope that as more people learn of our organization and make donations that we will no longer need to place deserving heroes on a waiting list for services. As with many non-profits, the demand for our services sometimes exceeds our resources. We will make every effort to fill your request as quickly as possible."

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