KCRA TV; Hearts Corporation - Complaint against KCRA Call 3 TV

Posted on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 at 12:00am CDT by Bruce and Dr. Katia W.

Product: TV news consumer complaints investigations

Company: KCRA TV; Hearts Corporation

Location: Sacramento, CA
Sacramento, CA, US

Category: Other

Call 3 TV KCRA claims that it represents consumers and does investigations of corrupt companies including giant corporations. For the past three months my wife and I have gone through a horrendous ordeal with AT&T but Call 3 KCRA TV investigative staff dropped the investigation, obviously because AT&T is one of their MAJOR advertisers! My wife and I have been AT&T cellular customers for over two years then were talked into an upgrade. The phone we were sold, an I-Phone 3GS was a total piece of junk. We were told to "crack open the case and throw some baby powder in there" by the Chico, CA AT&T official store where we did the upgrade. We were told all kinds of crazy things by the store, right up to the highly intimidating and obnoxious manager. Call 3 TV KCRA consumer investigations sided with the store as well as with the President's office of AT&T wireless, Ralph Delevega (spelling?) being the president. Both of our phones would not work, we were put through absoulute chaos and extreme stress over a period of a month, then it continued for several more weeks while Call 3 Consumer Protection Investigators teamed up with AT&T against us. Don't ask this TV station to do an investigation if it is of one of their major advertisers. They are corrupt and unethical. When there is water under the screen of an I-phone, and you are told by a store manager that it is normal, but if it gets to bad, to put baby powder inside the phone, obviously that is a scam. They lied to us so many times, including the top store manager, as did AT&T wireless President's office, it is disgusting. We saw other customers in the same store being grossly mistreated and lied to. The store and customer support ran my wife and I up and down the north state for two days trying to return the defective I-Phone and cancel the 30 day trial upgrade. Both of our AT&T phones would not work even when we were parked right in front of their towers with 5 bars of perfect reception. This was done to us on purpose by the Chico store in conjunction with customer phone support at 611 and at AT&T wireless President's office staff. Call 3 was in on the whole scam to collect cancellation fees, re-stocking fees, and things like getting lost in the mountains because their GPS ap would not work when we were on our way to take our second honeymoon, and got lost in snow and ice conditions along the road not knowing which way to turn at night in the middle of nowhere. KCRA Call 3 and AT&T are equally corrupt and greatly exploit their customers and viewers. The manager of the Chico AT&T store in question acts like a compulsive liar, high pressure manipulator and sociopath as do all of his staff; they are sadistic and devious liars who pull this scam at will and keep getting by with it.

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Robert Allyn L., 2012-03-26, 10:30AM CDT

The TV reporter was more interested in what makes good TV and has 1,000 requests a month for investigations.

You must be an ego maniac to think you are going to rate a prefered position over 1,000 requests for more TV ratings freindly stories.

Especially when your complaint is a poorly formated, run on sentenced rant.

Remove one of those things, rant, run on, unreadable format of one giant paragraph and I bet you would have gotten a better response.

No Promises though

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