Midland Mortgage - Horrid mortgage company

Posted on Friday, March 23rd, 2012 at 4:18pm CDT by c2edff04

Product: Mortgage

Company: Midland Mortgage

Location: P.O. Box 24814
Jacksonville, Fl, 32241-4814, US

Category: Other

My mortgage was recently sold to Midland Mortgage!. This is the third mortgage company that has owned my mortgage:. They are refusing to pay my insurance!. My insurance is through Cherokee Nation and is Amariand, it is offered to all tribal people and is regulated by the federal government;. Since it is not state accrideted they will not accept them'. I had always thought that the federal level was above state, am I wrong? Needless to say they have entered me into a 90 day binder with their insurance company'. I am outraged! The Cherokee Nation has already paid my premium, all they had to do was reimburse them. So my next thought is, are they just prejudice or do they just like to do horrid things like this to everyone. Is it because it is tribal insurance or is it because I am also a low imcome and used the help from the state to buy my home.


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