Rent Now DFW - Arrogant Rent Now will not give refund

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 at 3:46pm CDT by 9a5de6ec

Product: Rental property information

Company: Rent Now DFW

Location: 1033 S. Bowen


Category: Real Estate

My husband and I found the company via craigslist and signed up on December 12th, 2011 by paying 59 dollars for access to rental property information. Our contract stated we would have to log in everyday for no less than 31 days before requesting a refund, and that there were 3 ways to do so: by internet, phone, or walk in. I signed up because under contract, I'd have access to the information via Internet, if I was not offered Internet access I would have never signed up. We were told by DP, the customer service representative that if we were to find a rental property and purchase it, but it was not on their listings then we would be qualified for a refund. He also assured us they receive new listings everyday. On December 14th, 2 days later and NO new listings, we found a place that was not listed and purchased it. At this point I knew I would ask for a refund, since in no way did I benefit from Rent Nows services. So I followed the contract and kept logging in. A few days after that the Internet issues began. The website would display an "under construction" page. When this happened I would check from my phone and oddly the website would work on it. When it didn't, I'd call in, except Sundays since they were closed, so I was screwed. The CSR would acknowledge the Internet issues and state that he/she would log me in for that day. In the days that followed the same issues would come up and I'd go back and forth between checking in on my desktop, phone, and finally by calling. On numerous occasions I would be told they were looking into the Internet issue and would give me a call back. I never got any calls back. I put the website in my bookmarks in my phone so that I could easily access it everyday, and it seemed the website worked on my phone more than on the desktop anyways. I noticed in my daily log ins that there were never any new listings, as we were told there would be. Most of the listings were from 6+ months prior to our sign up date as well. This told me they gave us false information.. One day when it didn't work on either, I called in and to my surprise they had changed my account number without notifying me. I don't know how long it had been changed, and I never got any answers for it other than the usual, "we will log you in for the days you couldn't." I believed them. On January 13th, 31 days after signing up and checking in daily, I stopped by their office (which happened to be about 45 minutes from where we lived). The contract states that after 31 days a refund request must be in writing, directed to the general manager at their address. Since I was in the neighborhood on some errands I decided to at least stop in and see if I could deliver my letter in person instead of mailing. DP was there and said I could, and even supplies me with a pen and paper. I asked DP, as well as in my letter, if Casey, the GM, would give me a courtesy call back when she received my letter. A week later I called and Casey was not in the office, but they said they would give her the message. 3 weeks later and several of the same phone conversations later, I finally get a hold of her and she says she never got my letter because I was supposed to mail it. I then wrote another letter, following her instructions and mailed it. A week later I talked to Shauna, who said they got the letter and I would be getting a response "very shortly." 2 weeks later I called inquiring about a response and was told they would check in and give me a call back. Another week passed. At this point I had had enough. Did mention I was pregnant as well? I was stressed out and about 8 months pregnant. I made a complaint with the Fort Worth Better Business Bureau. About 2 weeks later I get a response from the company saying I was not entitled to a refund because I had only logged in 7 times in those 31 days! I was shocked!! All of the irritation and trouble I had gone through to check in everyday and they say I logged in mere 7 times!! Not only did their Internet not work but apparently they were not logging me in when they said they were, and who knows what sort of issue was created when they changed my account number. I denied their response and reiterated, but again they responded in a short paragraph that I was not entitled to a refund due to insufficient log ins. The business is negligent. We were constantly told different information by different people, including when DP stated we were entitled to a refund if we found an outside listing. I'd be told to "call back in an hour" or that I'd "be getting a response" or "we will call you back." All responses that told me they were brushing me aside. Their contract states Internet access, which I did not have. They changed my account number and didn't notify me, so how could I log in correctly when my old log in number still opened the website? And why was my number changed in the first place and why wasn't I notified? I've asked these questions and many more but gotten no answers. I have no way to prove I logged in everyday other than my husband is my witness. I would not waste my time or energy, or than of the FWBBB if I did not qualify for my refund... I am now 1 week from my baby's due date and still getting no answers or my refund. The company does not want to accept responsibility for their negligence.


Business Reply  Rent N., 2013-02-13, 10:32AM CST

Rent Now takes all customer complaints very seriously. This complaint has been resolved with the Better Business Bureau.

9ac8172a, 2013-07-10, 02:14PM CDT


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