Star Batt Inc. - Small Businesses Beware!

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 3:42pm CDT by e8bf3d16

Product: Star Batt Inc./building Leases

Company: Star Batt Inc.

Location: Rochester Hills, Mi, 48309, US


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So rather than showing any respect or concern for recent issues we now have more problems with Star Batt Inc. Corporate bullying that the little guy can't fight. We continue to have flooding issues from roof and HVAC unit. After recently contacting Star Batt about recent flooding issues and HVAC problems (numerous times to many to count) they have denied us any help and will not take responsibility for their faulty roof which is causing waterfall amounts of water to come into our lobby and fill our HVAC unit duct work which is now resulting in the units malfunction. All they do is send their maintenance workers up to slap tar around and do repairs which they're probably not certified to do. We do have a lease that states we are responsible for "maintenance/repair" of the HVAC unit and we do accept these terms and understand we are responsible for normal wear & tear. BUT, because of roofing problems that haven't been fixed correctly for 16 months now, is causing damage to our HVAC unit. Any issues we bring to their attention which is caused by their building issues and neglect to fix things properly they just threaten us with lawsuit, no renewal of lease and eviction.

Some response quotes from Star Batt Inc.

"Be well aware that you are liable by personal Guaranty for the lease terms and any shortfall in future rents, so think wisely before you act. We will not hesitate to evict you and hold you personally responsible for all damages for any and all lease shortfall. Feel free to test the enforce ability of the terms of the lease; we have had a very successful track record in winning court cases"

"We have been around a long time before you came to our complex and will be here a long time after you go"

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e8bf3d16, 2012-04-17, 01:33PM CDT

Sunday 15th, 2012- Roof and HVAC unit flooding into our front lobby. Air Ducts for HVAC with every rain fall fill with water!!! Star Batt Inc continuously fails to repair these ongoing issues correctly and professionally. It is just a absolute lack of respect and very immoral what they do to us as small business tenants. The roof, HVAC unit, and our lobby have been flooding ever since the beginning of our lease! Another threatening email quote from Star Batt Inc. "(Our company name) can and will be sued for eviction for more of its non-performance if you wish to push the matter". Furthermore a previously court settlement states- "Star-Batt agrees, once the windows have been replaced, to continue to investigateany further water leakage in the unit, if replacement/re-caulking/resealing of the windows does not resolve the issue, and if such leakage continues, to take steps to resolve such issues on a timely basis". Star Batt Inc. simply refuses to resolve these issues which is causing a tremendous negative impact on our business. To this date and from June 1st, 2010 we have yet been able to finish our front lobby to our plans because of the flooding.

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