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Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 8:33pm CDT by 818a9234

Product: Sofa

Company: Household Furniture & Appliances

Location: 626 SW 6th St
Grants Pass, Or, 97526, US

Category: Other

on 2/28/2012 I paid $538.99 to the above for a NEW sofa, I asked the saleswomen "Peggy" if there was anything wrong with, I asked her this same question twice because I had noticed damage on another sofa in the store, she said there was nothing wrong with it and that is was discounted & marked "as is" because the mfg. had discontinued the fabric. I took possesion of the sofa about 4 hrs. later, delivered to my home. About 4 hrs. after that when I turned on the lamp next to the sofa I noticed a hole in it, I called the store & Peggy said "A Hole In IT" with great surprise. She said she would come out & take a photo of it. Two days later she came to my home & took a picture of the hole and said she would advise me. I told her at that time I would not accept the sofa & she might just as well schedule a pick up for it. She called the next day & advised they would take the sofa back with a $100.00 restocking fee. I told her that was unacceptable to me & I wanted it picked up at once & I would not pay a restocking fee on the damaged merchandise. Had I wanted a sofa with a 1 & 1/2" hole in it I would have bought used. And for a lot less.

She started hollering that that was the store policy & hung up on me. I'm wondering how many other folks have bought this sofa, had it returned & actually paid the $100.00 what a scam.

This sofa has been in my living room now for a month, I'm not going to use it & I don't want it. My credit card co. is looking into the situation & hopefully they will withhold the funds & I will get this out of my house. I'm an old lady & saved quite a while for a new sofa & they want me to accept one with a hole in it. I think there restocking fee is extortion. I will never pay it no matter what!!! Please take heed.


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