Sears - Sears delivery was very unprofessional and irresponsible

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 9:36pm CDT by 35d2303d

Product: Delivery for fridge that I have not received

Company: Sears

Location: Syracuse, NY, US

Category: Other

Sears was suppose to call me to set up a time and date, instead they called me to say my fridge will be delivered in the next hour, but they could not deliver it as my kitchen was being redone and I explained to them I was suppose to get a call stated a date for delivery as that was not even told to me, so we rescheduled for Tuesday the 20th. I did not get a call Tuesday the 20th so i called and they stated no it was for Wednesday the 21st, which was incorrect because I was out of town on this date. I explained to them that I will be leaving on Wednesday and afternoon and if they could deliver in the morning they stated they cannot give me date information until Tuesday night and someone will contact me. No one contacted me Tuesday night. Wednesdays morning I get a call and i missed it, 2 minutes later I called and a rep from the national call center answers and says she cannot find my account. I told her it was the delivery service department so i am transfered. They find my account state no one called me, when i explained yes they did I just missed the call, rep states no worries i will place a note stating to call you 30 minutes before delivery, so i say okay but i am leaving in the afternoon so i need to know a time, they cannot answer. I recieve a call 45 minutes later stating that the delivery company attempted to deliver, but i was not home and they waited 20 minutes and left. I explained to them that the rep placed a note for a call 30 minutes before delivery and they stated they called an hour before, but i explained i missed their call an hour before, i called up and rep stated i did not get a call from delivery they would place a note for 30 minutes before delivery and I did not receive a phone call since. I was transfered over to a supervisor who stated they would assist me and have them come back out between 530-730 the same day and the supervisor sharon would contact me and keep me informed personnaly. At 530 i called back to see what time they may be delivering, as now i am not at home but my elderly parents are at my home waiting for the delivery and I am told by the rep I do not have information on their route or when they will arrive at your home. I said fine and i decided to wait as they said by 7:30 to the latest. I call back at 7:35 and no delivery, and now i am told it was not a guarentee for them to deliver between those hours and i needed to schedule another date and time. I told them to kiss my ass and to cancel my SEARS Order and I will happily go to another company to buy my fridge! and I hung up. SOOOOOOO PIssed!


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