SEARS Canada - Do Not Purchase Frigidaire Microwave Oven

Posted on Wednesday, March 21st, 2012 at 10:42am CDT by 2bc7e564

Product: Model CFMV162LWA

Company: SEARS Canada

Location: CA

Category: Other

This model of microwave is truly a waste of ones' money. Upon purchasing it and having my contractor install it over my stove. I proceeded to follow the instructions which said I was to remove a plastic seal from the inside of the door. Upon doing so I was shocked to see open holes through to the front of the microwave door. There was no protective shield to keep food from splattering through onto the inside of the front door. I laughed when the manual advised me to keep the inside of my microwave clean beoause that is impossible, short of taking the door apart. I placed a call immediately to SEARS requesting a technician come and look at it. I was certain there would just be a new door put on, that this was surely a manufacturering mistake. The technician took the door apart so I could in fact clean it. (Not something I could have done myself). He informed me that this was the way it was made. I am stuck in the middle between SEARS and the Manufacturer. Not receiving any tangible help from either. I felt this was my only relief, to inform others so they will not be stuck with this product in their kitchen.

Respectfully, Jennifer R. Graham


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