Full Throttle Custom Autos - Used Car Sale

Posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 at 8:46pm CDT by 36a99218

Product: 2006 Nissan Maxima

Company: Full Throttle Custom Autos

Location: 1120 Coletta Dr Orlando, FL 32807
Orlando, FL, 32807, US

URL: http://www.ftcautos.com/home

Category: Other

I purchased a used car, and yes, it was sold "as is." My major contention is the fact that Full Throttle supposedly prides itself on great client experience and quality cars. They do neither. I've been given the run around ever since I notified them, the day after the sale,that the car had transmission trouble. It's been one bullshit story after the next. Very frustrating. They hounded me when they wanted my business, once they got it, they couldn't give two shits...They promised to get me into an extended warranty, which was not offered at the time of the sale by the way. I took time away from work to enroll in the program per a prescheduled appointment only to run into more bullshit stories...

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68f17489, 2012-12-17, 06:51AM CST

Full Throttle Custom Autos, Inc. in Orlando, Florida took my money on a trade and never paid my lein holder. I paid them in full for a vehicle and they were to pay my lein holder. A few weeks later they went out of business leaving me with an unpaid car note. I later found out that they sold the vehicle two weeks later. That is fraudulent business practices.

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