Suzanne Trebnick at Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic - Lied to keep my insurance payments coming in!`

Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012 at 12:46pm CST by 1e4ab9c4

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Company: Suzanne Trebnick at Laurelhurst Physical Therapy Clinic

Location: 9828 E Burnside St Ste 250
Portland, OR, 97216, US


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I was referred to Suzanne Trebnick at Laurelhurst Physical Therapy (LHPT) by the surgeon who first repaired my injuries from gross midwife malpractice (highly unprofessional and injurious episiotomies). I came to LHPT with urine and stool continence and retention issues, gas incontinence, and uterine, bladder and rectal prolapse. My surgeon had told me even with the repair, if my bottom worked anywhere near properly again it would be a "miracle from God." I was a mess, and I had little to lose.

Suzanne impressed me with her enthusiasm, positive attitude and faith-driven outlook. She came alongside me as a cheerleader and, I thought, as a friend. I decided to overlook her rushed manner and disorganization. I should have taken it as a sign.

I started with twice-weekly sessions in spring 2010. When the money I had available for copays ran low, I told Suzanne I would need to cut down my visits. In a private room, in front of no one else, Suzanne (who told me she is majority owner of LHPT) told me I would cease paying copays that day, and any copays not covered by a lawsuit won against the midwives who injured me (pending at the time) would be absorbed by LHPT. Then she had her receptionist tear up that day's copay check. I cried with gratitude, and hugged her.

Fast forward to January 2012, when LHPT's new office manager took me into an office alone and asked for expedited payment on all unpaid copays. I was flustered and very upset. At home, I found the very day Trebnick promised to absorb any copays unpaid by a won lawsuit (an exhaustive search of area lawyers found no one to try my case - believed to have merit - because the cost of the trial couldn't be collected from a won judgement against midwives who carry no malpractice insurance) in my checkbook, and the note I wrote there, detailing what Trebnick had promised. I emailed a photocopy of that note to the office manager, I called Trebnick. Surprise, surprise: No call back from Trebnick, and e-conversation with the office manager pretended that conversation never happened.

I have excellent credit. I've never been to collections. I don't overextend myself financially. I never would have continued such frequent appointments had Trebnick not apparently lied to me to keep my insurance payments coming in (what else can I believe?).

As if that isn't enough: I attended LHPT for over a year, first twice weekly, then weekly, putting up with:

* at least five appointments scheduled specifically for biofeedback (and probably closer to 10 or 15 - I lost count) were filled with gym exercises instead because the biofeedback service Trebnick said she was prepared to provide was unobtainable either because the one person trained in it wasn't available or the wiring connection the biofeedback machine needed hadn't been ordered yet. I spent many increasingly-frustrating minutes at many appointments watching people play with wires;

* Trebnick directed me to get an MRI, then never obtained the results.

In November 2011, I received major pelvic reconstruction surgery using mesh and a hysterectomy - the surgery I was trying to avoid in physical therapy. The physical therapy was a bit of a shot in the dark; I didn't really think the surgery could be avoided, but I had to try. However, while I had nothing to lose before the surgery, I had MUCH to lose after. It's been five years of body problems for me - hopefully, now, mostly solved. Yet:

* at my post-surgery appointment (to address persistent back pain), Trebnick actually laid a book on my back, scrutinizing it carefully as she tried a "new technique" on me, without any warning that it would increase my pain significantly for a week (which it did); this felt very unprofessional, as did her request - when I was in the room - of one of her assistants to place my mesh surgeon on her marketing list;

* at this same appointment, I specifically asked Trebnick if she had experience with patients who'd had *successful* mesh surgery, and she replied no, her experience is with *failed* mesh surgery patients. She was very clear on this point. Days later, she left a message on my voice mail that claimed that is not true, that she does indeed have experience with successful mesh patients. Does she have experience or doesn't she? I'm not gambling on it.

I have a new physical therapist now. She spends the entire appointment with me - doesn't hand me off to an assistant after 20 minutes. She is organized, methodical, precise and knowledgeable.

As betrayed as I felt by the midwives who caused me to need LHPT in the first place, the betrayal I feel from Trebnick is almost worse. I trusted this woman after having been severely betrayed by midwives I had also trusted. To take advantage of someone who has been through what I have been through is horrid. I don't know how this woman sleeps at night. I hope this review helps fewer customers fall for her act.


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